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Case Studies

From hospitals to airports, casinos, shopping malls and hotels, McCain Walls have you covered with our reusable modular systems. McCain Walls are the ideal solution for short or long term use in various industries as shown below.

​​​​​The McCain Walls by McCain Manufacturing is a powder coated metal wall system with a class A rating, 100% recyclable, reusable, light weight, fully customizable alternative to drywall or plywood temporary partitions. The wall is strong, non-toxic, flame and chemical resistant and offers a perfect substrate for large scale color graphics. The McCain Walls is designed for indoor or outdoor use and can be ordered with antimicrobial or anti-graffiti coatings where desired. The McCain Walls is priced competitively, with zero waste, contributing to LEED and CalGreen. 

​​The McCain Walls is manufactured by McCain Manufacturing in Vista, California. Experienced crews can deliver and install the McCain Walls system in a matter of hours and remove in even less time. Quick, clean, and sustainable. From hospitals and airports to malls, stadiums and construction sites, McCain Walls offers a high-quality, cost-effective solution that is revolutionizing the industry. McCain Walls is simply a better way!

Representing revolutionary new solutions in the building industry.

Today's construction industry is moving toward smarter, environmental solutions and McCain Walls is leading the revolution with its 100% customizable and recyclable temporary walls.

  • McCain Walls® have given contractors like Buffalo Builders opportunities to save time and money for their businesses and customers. Read more here.
  • UC San Diego Health Construction Team Saved Over $31,400 By Reusing McCain Walls® One-Sided System - Learn more here.

   System configuration options:

  • Single or double door modules
  • Aluminum panels with multiple height and width options
  • Ceiling panels
  • Windows
  • Variable inside and outside corners
  • Custom door locks, including cipher locks and mortise locks
  • Interchangeable lockset core for keyed-alike applications
  • Hospital-grade, antimicrobial powder coating
  • Anti-graffiti powder coating
  • Sound attenuation